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5 reasons Tiny House Living May Be for You

5 Reasons Tiny House Living May Be For You

Think Tiny Home living is for you? Check out some major benefits of living small.


1. Financial Freedom

Looking for a way to save money? Then tiny home living is for you! If you own your own trailer or tiny home the average lot rentals begin at $650. If you want to rent an established trailer or mobile home, River West Resort has many options under $1000 (Visit the Property Rentals Page). Many include storage sheds, private decks and are completely furnished. Tiny homes also have the advantage of extremely low utilities. Most tenants of River West Resort spend less than $50 a month. That's 40% less than the average US household!



Living near downtown Reno AND on the Truckee River is a luxury few can afford. The River West Resort has river view lots available with fully furnished accommodations and custom decks (Check out our property rentals page for availability). The resort also has  guest access to the River Recreational Area with lounge chairs and tables, horseshoe pits and a BBQ area. 



Tiny house living forces you to focus on removing a large amount of clutter in your home because of the limited amount of space. Each item in your home is carefully chosen for its design and function.  As a result of tiny house living you buy fewer things because you don't have places to fit them. 


4. Time Saving

Do you know the average American spends over 6 hours a week cleaning their home? Not to mention the time spent maintaining a full yard and landscaping.  The average time to deep clean a tiny house is under 2 hours, and River West Resort takes care of all the landscaping on the Resort.  A Tiny House gives you your time back to focus on the important things in life. 



5.Connect to the Great Outdoors

Tiny house living at River West Resort allows you to make the most of your outdoor space. Entertain guests on your porch or use our community BBQ area. Take a walk down the road to visit the wildlife at OxBow Nature Study Park or cross the Truckee River and stroll the rose garden at Idlewild Park. 

Christy McDougal